Prada PR64US 1BC123


Featuring Blue Lens in Cat-Eye Shape with Silver Frame Color, the Prada PR64US 1BC123  is an Excellent Sunglasses option for Women.

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Prada, a famous Italian luxury brand founded by Mario Prada back in 1913. The latest fashion needs are of paramount importance to Prada and their R&D team is constantly working on outdoing their competition in becoming the most trendy fashion accessory each season by introducing the most innovative sunglasses. If you’re one fashion enthusiast, be sure to check out the Prada PR64US 1BC123 to adorn your style and maintain a graceful personality.

Features & Specifications Of PR64US 1BC123

  • Glare & UV Protection
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Cat-Eye Shape
  • Metal Frame
  • Silver Frame Color
  • Blue Lens Color
  • UPC: 8053672977998
  • Refunds & Returns Guaranteed


We at TheShadesHut stay vigilant about the requirements of our customers and keep integrating the all-new Sunglasses models and variants. The Prada PR64US 1BC123 Sunglasses is one of the latest additions to The Shades Hut Sunglasses category carefully designed for Women; it can be utilized in summers, making it by far the best choice for taking pictures in sunny daylight. Built with Metal frame of Silver color, stands out from all other sunglasses.

Frame Type & Color

If you prefer highlighting your eyes and attracting people’s attention towards you, our PR64US 1BC123 Sunglasses are the ones you should go for! The Silver colored Full-Rim frames are ideal for thicker lenses and suit you the best if you have an energetic extrovert personality. Owing to their exceptional durability, they are a perfect companion for your trekking, hiking, and rambling trips.


The Cat-Eye design of its lenses and frame provides enhanced suitability. Such a design is ideal for you to exhibit your fashion sense. These Sunglasses are ideal for Round, Oval, and Heart-shaped faces, owing to their smooth frame design.

PR64US 1BC123

Composition of PR64US 1BC123

Frame Composition

The material incorporated in the frame of our Prada PR64US 1BC123 Sunglasses is Metal. The metal frame has an edge over the plastic one with its super minimalist look alongside being thinner and lighter. Furthermore, the quality of the frame doesn’t solely depend on the looks, but also the way it outperforms plastic and nylon frames in terms of flexibility and strength. On top of that, metal frames are versatile with their designs and thus, provide maximum suitability. The sophisticated components make it stronger at one end, while its meticulous design fancies your keen sense of style at the other. All in all, the Prada Sunglasses offer high compatibility and durability.

Lens Technology

Ultraviolet radiation can have a severe impact on your eye retina. The UV Blocking lenses in the PR64US 1BC123 sunglasses nullify the risks of an injury out of solar radiation. Be sure to wear these sunglasses during your outdoor activities during the daytime.

PR64US 1BC123


The package, once you unbox, will contain;

  • Prada Box
  • Original Case
  • Protective Cloth
  • Documents For Verification

Trusted Shipping Policy

When buying PR64US 1BC123 from the designer brand Prada, Shades Hut will guarantee secure and free shipping across the USA on all its collections. Moreover, a flat rate of $25 to Canada and shipment across the globe at competitive rates is also mandatory.

PR64US 1BC123

Refunds and Returns

The product from TheShadesHut comes with a 30-day return policy. We prefer customer satisfaction over everything else. The return policy includes a gift card, product replacement, or even a complete refund. It is prudent to mention that a complete refund is guaranteed within the said time span; however, the shipping charges will NOT be refunded. In case there’s an issue with the purchase or the product doesn’t sit right with your needs, feel free to contact us.

(Make sure the product is repacked appropriately along with the verifiable documents when returning; so as to ward off the risks of damage during shipment).

Concluding Remarks

The Prada PR64US 1BC123 Sunglasses are highly efficient with their UV Blocking features and are equally stylish, elegant, convenient, and versatile with their design. We understand how to preserve the realistic and fashionable traits of our customers at a time. Our outlet, TheShadesHut, commits to providing the most authentic designer products at the Best Price, with buyer-friendly policies that remain in line with your preferences.

Don’t hesitate to order our product today and discover the stunning buying experience. Order our product today and discover the stunning Cat-Eye Sunglasses experience. TheShadesHut also offers other products, as such the Persol PO3217S 95/31,

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs


Model Number

PR64US 1BC123





Frame Type


Frame Material


Frame Color


Lens Technology

UV Blocking

Lens Size

67 mm

Bridge Size

16 mm

Temple Size

140 mm





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